What does a personal stylist do? Here’s what it’s like to work with me

So, I realized the other day that I spend a lot of time talking about how I work as a personal stylist and shopper, but I don’t think I’ve ever explained what exactly that means, or what exactly it is that I do!

It’s one thing to share links to products I love and talk about my purchases on my blog and on social media, but I’m really truly passionate about the personal styling services that I offer my clients.

I had the fun little idea to share with you a “day in the life,” per say, so I could show you what exactly it is that I do as a personal stylist!
(As a reminder, I offer personal styling, shopping and a ton of other services — you can see more here!

Starting my day!

To start, let’s meet Michele! Michele is a client of mine that was gracious enough to let me document her experience using my personal styling services.

styling appointment

A lot of the work that goes into personal styling actually happens off-camera, and away from the fitting rooms.

Before I ever actually meet my clients at the mall, I prep them beforehand. I’ll send over a questionnaire asking for a whole bunch of information. I want to know everything! Here are a few questions that I’ll ask:
What sizes do you typically wear?

What are a few words that would describe your style? (Think: preppy, gothic, boho, etc.)

What are some of your favorite stores?

What kind of look are you going for?

What colors do you love and hate?

How hands-on or hands-off do you want me to be?

Are you comfortable with me in the fitting room?

Do you want me to pull everything on my own, or do you want to walk around the store with me to give input?

After I’ve received responses, the preparation on my end begins! I’ll set a time, date and place with my client, and then I’ll arrive about 30 minutes ahead of time to start pulling a few outfit ideas.

Getting started…

When my client shows up, we get started! I’ll swap sizes, create new outfit ideas, experiment with colors and layers, everything you can imagine. I’ll clean the dressing rooms and work with sales associates to make sure we’re being courteous to employees and other customers, and I’ll basically take care of all the folding and hanging for you. (I’m not about to make my clients reenact their laundry day during all this, don’t worry!) 

Fitting room…

I’m a huge stickler for detail, so I pay really close attention to the accessories, shoes and jewelry pieces that will complete an outfit. Because I’m also big on maximizing your wardrobe’s potential, we’ll chat about the different ways that you can wear a piece, and I’ll give you examples of how to dress up or dress down the pieces that you buy.

personal stylist
Shop outfit: sweater blazer, corduroys, tuxedo shirt, shoes
personal stylist
Shop: jacket, jeans, sneakers, t’shirt
personal stylist
Shop: sweater, pants
personal stylist
Shop: sweater, corduroys, shoes (similar pair)
personal stylist
perShop: sweater, jeans, shoes (similar pair)

Michele loved the process, too! 

Wrapping things up…

And, in case you were wondering? Here’s everything that Michele bought during our personal styling session. She told me that her style leans toward professional and put-together, so here’s what the two of us came up with.

Other items I loved during that shopping trip.

Have you worked with a personal stylist before? Let me know in the comments!

Many of these items are shared with affiliate links. I may get a commission if you purchase through the link. Please know I only recommend products that I love!

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