Top 5 Reasons to Shop Madewell for Denim and Effortless Classics

Shop: This casual chic jumpsuit // sandals // tote

If you’re like me, you probably have a “go-to” place for your most beloved off-duty looks. You know the ones, they’re the shirts you can throw on with your favorite pair of denim to head out the door with effortless style. Once we find a place that suits our needs, we tend to become repeat shoppers, amiright? Enter, Madewell.

Prepare to repeat shop your heart out. (Or hire me to repeat shop for you – that works too – don’t mind the shameless plug). If you’re looking for styles that are simple and effortless yet have fantastic subtle design details (especially denim!) – you need to check out Madewell (or, as previously mentioned, have me do it for you – personal shopper and all).

Madewell has some ridiculously easy style in amazing pieces from denim to handbags and everything in between. They offer a highly personal design to the fit of each piece, so you’ll look and feel fantastic in all your low-key gear. For me, I was hooked on Madewell the first time I saw the unique touches they infuse with their designs – think adorable ruffle sleeves, bows trimming the back of a dress, and even pom-poms on the sleeves – utter effortless adorbs. Each item is unique in its own way. They are wardrobe staples you can throw on in a flash (the denim! Ah! Did I mention the denim??) and know you look fresh and amazing.

Without further ado, let’s get down to the off-duty nitty-gritty, shall we? Here are some of my absolute loves about the effortless style that is Madewell:

denim madewell

Shop: These Button Front Wide Leg Cropped Denim 

#1 – The Madewell Denim. I think I may have mentioned this a time or two already (no?) but I love, love, love their denim. Their wide leg jeans and 9’ high-waist jeans are ridiculously trendy denim pieces. They keep up with changing fashions and have a superb fit for all body types.

Side note: I love that they are ultra #EnvoFriendly with their recycled denim program! Bring in your old denim and they’ll give you a $20 store credit for a new pair while donating the old pair to insulate Habitat for Humanity projects. Win-win!

#2 – The Madewell Tees. Their tees are a wardrobe must-have for any look. They are a necessity for effortless layered looks that carry through all seasons and have so many fantastic variations that it’s a no-brainer. I stock up like crazy – I mean really, is there such a thing as too many white t-shirts? I think not.

Riley Slingback Mule MadewellShop: These Riley Slingback Mules

#3 – The Madewell Shoes. If you love one-stop-shopping for your off-duty looks, Madewell is it. Their shoes? Super selection of neutrals and colors, sneaks to sandals, booties to flats. You want simplistic panache? They’ve got it.

Madewell Leather Transport Tote

Shop: This Leather Transport Tote

#4 – The Madewell Bags. The epitome of style when it comes to bags, has got to be the crossbody. Trendy, easy, no-fuss bags you can just sling over your head and be on your way – and they have boatloads of them. They happen to have tons of other styles too, which is always nice to have a great selection.

#5 – The Madewell Accessories. For me, I believe the accessories truly make an outfit. Keep your pieces simple and spice them up with different add-ons like scarves, jewelry, or sunglasses. These things make casual chic fun, but effortless. And guess what? Madewell has them all too. Score!

I love looking for the Madewell trends each season, to see what new pieces of denim I’m swapping for an old pair (hey – it’s charity!) and getting my latest casual chic inspo. If you need more motivation than that to check out their looks (I’m questioning our relationship if you do), they also offer free shipping, free returns, free monogramming and for my teacher friends, a 15% discount! There. Now get shopping (or hire me to shop – I’m good with that too).

Many of these items are shared with affiliate links. I may get a commission if you purchase through the link. Please know I only recommend products that I love!


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