The best things at White House Black Market: What I’m buying this season

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Don’t look now, but it seems like quarantine might be coming to an end soon! I’ve focused a lot on pajamas, loungewear and athleisure over the past year because of the impact COVID-19 has had on the retail world, but now that vaccines are available to pretty much everyone and things are starting to open back up, it’s time to focus on, well, non-housebound clothes! I’ve been looking at websites nonstop to find some cute dresses and party clothes for social gatherings (once the CDC says they’re OK, of course), and I wanted to share some of the best things at White House Black Market. I can’t wait to wear some of these out this summer!

the best things to buy at white house black market
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1. The Everyday Uniform collection. You guys know I love my wardrobe staples, and WHBM offers some great everyday wear, like this pair of shorts, this tee and this pair of pants. I’ve raved about how much I love Soma Intimates before because of their quality and price point, so it really shouldn’t surprise you that WHBM — owned by the same parent company as Soma — offers the same great quality at the same affordable price point.

the best things to buy from white house black market
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2. The Party Style selection. Sometimes it’s so hard to find good dresses for special occasions. Everything is either too cheap-looking, too revealing or too matronly. I love WHBM because it’s the perfect in-between. Just about everything on the website’s Party Style section is fun and fresh without looking too tacky or too boring. This dress would be great for a wedding, this dress would be perfect for a beach gathering and this top would look perfect at a barbecue party.

the best things to buy from white house black market
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3. The Iconic Black + White collection. One of the things I really love about WHBM is that they’re so good at offering so many neutral-colored staples. You know how sometimes, you’ll find the perfect item — like this classic blouse only you’ll wonder, “ugh, why is it orange?” You won’t have that problem at WHBM because the store is so neutral-friendly. Things like this black dress and this white blazer will never go out of style, which makes WHBM the perfect store for anything black-and-white. After all, it is called White House Black Market for a reason.

So, there you go! Those are just some of the best things at White House Black Market that I’ll definitely be adding to my closet this season. Oh, and did I mention? WHBM has a rewards program. Just another reason to love them.

What are you excited to wear once quarantine ends? Let me know in the comments!

Many of these items are shared with affiliate links. I may get a commission if you purchase through the link. Please know I only recommend products that I love!


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