The best Nordstrom shopping benefits: Free shipping, amazing brands, price matching and a killer return policy

Nordstrom Shopping Benefit

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Do you guys have that specific store you absolutely know you can rely on time and time again? Like when you kinda need to go shopping to cheer yourself up on a bad day, or when you’re planning a girls’ afternoon out and you want to keep things light and fun? For me, that store is Nordstrom! I mean, how could it not be? The Nordstrom shopping benefits are amazing, and are what keep me walking back inside that fresh white entrance year after year.

It’s a liiiittle crazy to put it into numbers, but I’ve actually been shopping at Nordstrom for more than 25 years! When the store first opened up in my area, it was really the first store that put a heavy priority on customer service. The crazy thing is that in my experience, that emphasis on customer service hasn’t changed in more than a quarter of a century.

Part of the reason I love Nordstrom so much is that I’ve just always had really fond memories of it. When I was growing up, my aunt use to take me shopping and treat me something to small — think scrunchies and t-shirts, hello ‘90s!  Those fond feelings continued as I grew up. I started going to the mall on my own and meeting up with friends (we’re talking about the ’90s… remember?) and we always ended up at Nordstrom… usually the shoe department! Even now I tend to head straight to try on footwear at the beginning of every shopping trip.

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I love that you can shop for seriously anything at the store. I mean it — anything. If I need a last-minute outfit for a work event, or I’m down-to-the-wire in picking up a holiday gift, I’m almost guaranteed to head straight to Nordstrom to buy it. It’s actually a little dangerous, because there’s nothing to stop me from picking up a David Yurman piece or two for myself while I’m shopping for my friends and family. And since one of the Nordstrom shopping benefits is free shipping with absolutely no minimum, it makes it one of the best stores for online shopping. 

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It helps that Nordstrom stocks some of my absolute favorite brands, like J. Crew, Madewell, Tory Burch, Draper James, Chloe, DL 1961 and Boden. And one of the best Nordstrom shopping benefits is price-matching! So if J. Crew is doing one of its 40 percent off sales, you can get the same item for the same price at Nordstrom, too.

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Even if something isn’t on sale, there’s still a good chance I can spontaneously pick it up since Nordstrom offers really great stuff at all price points. I’ve definitely graduated beyond scrunchies at this point in my life, but a good leather jacket — like this high-priced option and this low-priced option — never goes out of style. And because one of my favorite Nordstrom shopping benefits is the amazing return policy, I never have to worry about something being *too* cheap. If it doesn’t live up to my expectations, Nordstrom is always really happy to make it up to me!

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I could seriously go on and on about the amazing Nordstrom shopping benefits and how much I love them all — seriously, I haven’t even touched on the in-store restaurants, available personal shoppers and Anastasia brow studio — but I really think you should see for yourself!



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