“Lynn has a gift for style . It is a true calling for her in more ways than one . Whether it’s finding that perfect novel to read on a rainy day ..to a perfect accent piece of jewelry to match your outfit, Lynn is your go to. I am grateful for Lynn in so many ways . One she is one of favorite colleagues and original lunch buddy and of course two, my personal shopper.

I first really used Lynn’s services last Christmas. On top of being a working mom with two kids , my father was also battling some health issues . Therefore there was no time to shop or even think of gifts for family , teachers, and everyone else in between . It was a five minute phone call followed by a list and Lynn was on her way with the task at hand . When I tell you to the exact color, style, accessory .. she was able to pick out the perfect gifts. I am truly grateful for her help and wouldn’t have been able to do it without her.

Fast forward to recently .. I sent her a text .. Lynn I have two hours .. let’s go shopping . When I arrived at J.Crew not only did she have clothes in her hand, but a fitting room prepared and outfits in waiting. She took me into my comfort zone but also accessorized items I would have never matched if I was alone. Not to mention the fact her efficiency and awareness that I was on the clock.   I hadn’t been shopping for me in awhile. It felt good and of course fun to try on clothes with and old girlfriend. I must give the credit card a break but rest assured, Lynn will be getting a call soon for the holidays shortly.”

Michele V.


“It was my favorite shopping day of my life! Lynn is NO JOKE! She has a way of choosing clothes that I love, while pushing me a bit outside of my comfort zone. Lynn understood what I needed and what looked great for my body type. It felt amazing having a personal shopper there for ME the whole time! Thank you, Lynn, for helping me pick great pieces for my wardrobe and also for making me feel so special.”

Cathy D.


“I’ve worked with Lynn on several occasions and she’s done a spectacular job each time. She knows just how to accentuate my wardrobe and is conscientious of personal budgets. She knows when to splurge but also how to find a bargain. And not only is she terrific in person, she’ll also send links to items when it just reminds her of me. She has exceeded my expectations and would highly recommend her to anyone!”

Kerry F.


“Lynn shopped for me when I was temporarily living in New Jersey during one of my clinical rotations. I was young and unaware of fashion trends. I was so impressed that Lynn was able to pick out clothes that were professional, on trend, and fit my personality with only knowing a little bit about me! She is truly talented!”

Stacey B.


“I worked with Lynn on two occasions and cannot say enough good things about Lynn. Lynn and I spent a day out personal shopping and she gave me great suggestions that met my budget needs. We also worked together to do a closet overhaul and she helped me to be even more organized at home with my wardrobe. I look forward to working with Lynn again soon!” 

Audra G.


“I’ve relied on Lynn for many years now. She helps me pick clothes for work but also keeps me looking good on the weekends. I like quality and I like to take my time making decisions, and she adapts to my style of shopping. She helps me pull it all together. She knows what works best with what, and more important what looks best on ME. She’s a trusted resource.” 

Martin I. 


“I am a client of Lynn Seggebruch’s and a busy executive. Lynn is exceptional at personal shopping. She is polished, professional, honest, (and funny!) I hadn’t purchased a new suit in several years and thought I could “get away with it” when I got promoted. Lynn thought otherwise. She cleaned out my closet, ridding me of clothing I should have tossed or donated YEARS ago.  When I wear the outfits she’s picked for me, whether they are professional, casual, or formal, I always get compliments on how stylish I look. Amazingly, she can work within a tight budget OR a larger one. I recommend meeting with her to discuss your needs – and letting her take it from there!”

Krista D.


“Lynn Mailey really knows her stuff- and she is passionate about it. A few years ago, Lynn was hired to do some personal shopping for our team as part of an exercise to help each of us focus on taking care of ourselves. I have never used a personal shopper before but was put at ease the moment I met her. Lynn has a fun, easy-going personality. She really listened to me and helped me re-develop my personal style and my professional image. We put together outfits, and I really have to say I felt more confident in them than the ones I would have picked out on my own.”

Bonnie J.


“Lynn made it so much fun to try on shoes and clothes, especially things that I would not have had the courage to try on myself!  She made me feel so comfortable and I’m thrilled with what she picked out. I credit Lynn with helping me regain my confidence with a new wardrobe after having a baby! Also, she was incredibly helpful cleaning out my closet and getting rid of clothes that did not fit, weren’t flattering, or were no longer in style. We donated a lot and it felt great to purge.” 

Christine C.


“I’ve worked with Lynn in a variety of ways. First she did a massive edit of my closet. (We gave away four bags of clothes!)  I’ve used Lynn’s personal shopping services, visiting local shops to reinvent my wardrobe. Lynn pulled together incredible outfits that look wonderful and fit great.”   

Colleen S.


“I don’t live close enough to shop with Lynn. When she suggested we shop by FaceTime, I was skeptical. But what a fun (and productive) experience it was! After a brief conversation, she was able to grasp my personal style and color preferences. Lynn started pulling out pieces that I loved. Working with a stylist always felt intimidating. But there I was in my kitchen, eating breakfast with no make up on, collaborating with this incredibly warm and down to earth fashion expert. When the pieces arrived in the mail, I was overjoyed with our choices. I highly recommend you work with Lynn…even if it’s virtually!”   

Lynn B.


“In the time I spent with Lynn I learned about creating my own style and shopping wisely. I LOVE my new outfit! I doubt I would have ever picked up that pair of jeans if you hadn’t pointed them out, and the sweater fits right at home in my closet. I took your advice and kept my eye on that gorgeous brown jacket at Express, and wouldn’t you know it, Express had it for 50% off last night, so I snatched it up and got one of the last ones. I’m still keeping my eye out for a nice pair of leather top sneakers, which I would have never given a second thought if you hadn’t pointed them out to me.” 

Jarrett A.

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