Hello and welcome to Lynn Mailey! I’m Lynn, your personal shopper extraordinaire. This little blog of mine shares all of my faves: organizational tips, books, clothing, accessories, and outfit inspirations!

My Story:

My love of dressing women started in high school. I have a cousin who used to think shopping at thrift stores was a totally legit thing to do. I mean, I’m all for a deal but she only shopped there and the only color she wore was black. I convinced her to meet me at the mall one day, so I could take her shopping. I basically put her in the fitting room and ran around the store pulling pieces for her to try on. I can still remember her face when I suggested she try something on that was a bright color! From that experience I realized that this was something I really loved doing and I haven’t stopped since. 

My passion grew exponentially since those early days in high school. I’ve been personal shopping for years and have worked retail on and off since then. I’ve always been good at dressing women and teaching them how to dress for their body type, on a budget or not. I’m great at cleaning out a closet and filling in the gaps of what someone needs. I originally started my business to get the word out there about my services but quickly realized I can reach more through social media. It also gives me an excuse to shop online – you know, because I’m doing it for work. 😉

My Loves:

Aside from my love of fashion and shopping (and this blog, of course), I also work as a teacher and love all things organization. In the spirit of sharing, here’s a bit more about me:

I’m a library media specialist for an elementary school, making me a children’s book guru.

I watch way too much Bravo and QVC.  I have a secret dream to be a QVC host.  I guess not so secret anymore…If you watch me on Facebook Live – know that I’m always channeling my inner host.

My wardrobe is a mix of price ranges. I believe in investing in a few key pieces and mixing in the rest on a budget.

My favorite stores are Nordstrom, Madewell, Bloomingdales, Loft, Anthropologie, Old Navy, JCrew, and Athleta.

I have a cat named Bella-Bleu (she is beautiful, but not very nice) and a cavapoo named Jake. 

I love Pilates and yoga.

I would describe my style as classic, preppy and feminine, but if I could wear athleisure-wear every day, I would!  

“Lynn is a stylish fashionista with quick wit and a knack for dressing people within their budget making them feel good because they look good!” – longtime client of Lynn Mailey.