2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shoes: My picks for kicks

nordstrom anniversary sale

Here’s a good piece of advice I heard a long time ago: Anything that separates you from the ground is something worth spending good money on. That means good quality car tires (boring) mattresses (comfy, but also boring) and… shoes! That’s the fun part.

I’m back again with another quick post about my favorite retailer’s favorite sale, sharing picks for my favorite Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shoes.

Personally, I’m still rocking flats, espadrilles and sandals. I don’t even want to THINK about boots — especially anything heavy and lined.

But, I know I’d be kicking myself (pun intended!) if I didn’t take advantage of some of the great footwear deals offered at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale right now.

Here are my picks:

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shoes

Shop: rain boots

These rain boots in short — or in tall! You really can’t go wrong with such a classic brand. I have both styles and I absolutely love them. They can carry you through a rainy spring into a damp fall… and even into a snowy winter! They’re so classic that they’ll remain in style for years to come.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shoes

Shop: boots

These over-the-knee boots. I’m SO glad OTK boots are back in for another season. Not only are they cute, they’re also functional for surviving harsher winters. I love the light coloring on these boots. I think it makes them just a little bit more appropriate for work, right? I actually just ordered this pair and I’m excited for them to arrive! I’m planning on wearing them with these tights and this skirt.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shoes

Shop: booties

This pair of booties. The color is so rich and I love that they’re just slightly western-inspired without being totally over-the-top.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shoes

Shop: slippers

These furry slippers. Can you tell I’ve been loving neutral-colored shoes lately? I get a new pair of Ugg slippers every year… and I actually wear them around as regular shoes quite a bit. What can I say? They’re super comfy and don’t look out of place at all since they’re pretty unobtrusive. They’re also great to keep sitting by doorways or bedsides to just slip into without thinking.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shoes


Shop: stilettos

These stilettos. LOOK. AT. THAT. DISCOUNT! All the heart-eyed emojis here. These sandals have a gorgeous silhouette and the color is perfect for lengthening legs. I think they’d look great with just about anything, but especially something like this dress.

There you have it! My top five picks for footwear at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If you missed my previous posts, you can read about my handbag picks here, and my overall sale favorites here. What kind of shoe styles have you been loving this summer/ fall season? Let me know in the comments!

Many of these items are shared with affiliate links. I may get a commission if you purchase through the link. Please know I only recommend products that I love!


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